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THE average temperatures in July in the Balearics almost reached record levels, according to Maria Jose Guerro of the Balearic Meteorological Centre.
Generally, on Minorca and the north of Majorca, the average temperature was half a degree lower than the record average for the month, while the average in the south of Majorca was around half a degree above the record.

Ibiza had an average temperature which was one tenth of a degree higher than the record for the month.
Guerrero confirmed that “with regard to the maximum temperatures, the average has been slightly below record levels, while the average minimum temperatures have been slightly above record levels, which means that the variations between maximum and minimum temperatures have decreased”.

Average temperatures in July in the meteorological stations in the Balearics varied between 20.2º Celsius in Serra d'Alfabia (1'000 metres up) and 25.4 º C in Portopi.

Although the minimum temperatures were slightly above average, the nights were relatively comfortable for sleeping.
For example, the minimum temperature in Portopi varied between 19.2 and 24.3º C, while at Palma airport they varied between 15.4 and 22º C.
The absolute maximum temperature in July in the Balearics was 35.4º C, measured in Sa Pobla on July 1.
With regard to rainfall, there was only 1.4 litres per square metre recorded on Minorca, and 0.2 in Portopi.
Although July is a traditionally dry month, these levels are below average.
However, the interannual figures show there is no need to worry. On Minorca the deficit in rainfall is just nine percent, which is normal, especially if you take into account there have been months when the deficit was over 30 percent.

On Majorca there is an excess of one percent in rainfall, and four percent on Ibiza.
There are no big changes forecast for the next few days. The maximum temperatures will be stable at around 30º C.