By Humphrey Carter LEADING award-winning Irish actor and Majorcan resident Colm Meaney last night said that the only way Spain can bring an end to the violent conflict with the Basque terrorist group ETA is “by talking - but the government needs to be talking to its enemies, not its friends.” Meaney, who is currently involved in the production of The Perfect Stranger which is written and directed by the Majorcan Toni Bestard and is being shot here on the island, was last night the guest of honour at a special Irish cultural night held at the Sa Nostra Cultural Centre in Palma.

The evening kicked off with the screening of Meaney's excellent 1996 film The Van, directed by Stephen Frears, and ended with a special Irish dinner.
But, beforehand, Meaney admitted that he was “very surprised and shocked” by last week's suspected ETA car bomb attack in Calvia which killed two members of the Guardia Civil.