STAFF REPORTER A 59-year-old man, Juan M.M. was brutally murdered yesterday morning in the district of Son Oliva in Palma, apparently by a man identified as the ex-husband of his partner. The killer, 66-year-old Miguel S.B. reportedly “disappeared” 30 years go, his wife had believed him to be dead.

Juan M.M. had left home at 5.50 am and noticed that someone had tampered with the locks on his car stationed in a public carpark in calle Enric Granados in front of the local neighbourhood association building.

It was at this point that he was beaten about the head repeatedly with an iron bar by Miguel S.B. who had apparently been lying in wait. Witnesses watched in horror as in a fury, the aggressor struck his victim again and again.

One of the witnesses came down from his apartment from where he had seen the attack and followed the killer who tried to make his escape, alerting the Emergency services as he did so. Realising he was being pursued, Miguel S.B. apparently threatened the witness with a knife, saying that he would kill him if he didn't leave him alone.