Cabrera.—The Balearic President José Ramon Bauzá took time out from the regional debt crisis yesterday to take a trip to the island of Cabrera for the annual return to the sea of marine turtles found injured in Balearic waters. The President was ably assisted on the occasion by the Mayor of Palma, Mateo Isern and Agriculture and Environment Minister Biel Company.

The annual event is part of the Marine Turtle Conservation programme organised by the Marineland Foundation of the Balearics and financed by the regional government. Turtles are found wounded or disabled each year, usually as a result of having been caught up in fishing nets. Two of the three turtles released yesterday had had to undergo operations.

Bauzá, informally dressed in Bermuda shorts helped the director of Marineland Mallorca return a 29.1 kilo turtle called “Cami” to the water followed by Company and Isern who brought 25 kilo “Irene” down to the water's edge.

It is now three years since the Spanish royal family have taken part in the event.