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BALEARIC residents have the least confidence in the food they consume in traditional restaurants, unlike the Basques, who have great confidence in traditional restaurant food, according to the study “Observatory of the Consumption and Distribution of Food” compiled by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA).

More than 13'000 consumers were interviewed in 2006 for this study, which was released yesterday.
According to the report, the Spanish consumer usually has lunch or dinner in a traditional restaurant twice a month, but less than once a month in a fast food establishment.

Citizens in La Rioja favour the fast food establishments most, but the Cantabrian residents are the ones who frequent them least.
Some 17.5 percent of people said they never eat in traditional restaurants, and 61.7 percent said they never eat in fast food establishments.
By ages, younger people usually eat out more than the older ones, reflecting a similar trend in both types of restaurants.
By autonomous regions, residents of Murcia are those who eat most in traditional restaurants (2.8 times a month).
However, the citizens of Aragon are those who eat least in traditional restaurants (1.3 times a month).
The people of Cantabria and Madrid are those who visit fast food restaurants most (1.2 times a month), as opposed to the Galicians and the residents of Castilla and Leon who visit fast food restaurants least (0.4 times a month).

The Spanish have more confidence in the food consumed in traditional restaurants (6.9 out of 10) than in the food consumed in fast food restaurants (2.8 out of 10).

Comparing the results to previous years, there has been an increase in visits to traditional restaurants and a slight decrease in visits to fast food establishments, although no reasons were given for the change.

The report says that the confidence people have in food consumed in any restaurant, traditional or fast food, decreases with age.
The survey did not look at prices at the restaurants, but concentrated on the quality of the food.


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