SHOPS situated in tourist areas on Majorca expect to have had a turnover of around 93.3 million euros at the end of the Summer season.
This will be a 2.7 percent increase in comparison to the results for the same period in 2006.
Sources at PIMECO (the Small and Medium Sized Businesses Association) described the increase as “moderate”.
However, the same sources said that tourist spending this season rose a little more in Palma than on the rest of the island.
They added that, in spite of the fact that the increase in turnover will not be that much in percentage terms, it is maintaining the “slight increase” it has shown every year since 2004.

PIMECO came to this conclusion after calculating the development in the monthly hotel occupation levels on the Balearics.
These figures reflect the impact of this phenomenon on the retail sector, said the sources.
According to PIMECO, the high increase in the number of people on the island during the tourist season “undoubtedly has a great reflection on commercial activity, with the arrival of such a great number of visitors on Majorca”.