Palma.—The Estellencs to Andraitx road has finally been reopened after the 26 July fire which devastated the region and yesterday there was a steady flow of traffic along the road with scores of locals and tourists keen to inspect the damage caused by the blaze.

The return of visitors was welcomed by local businesses, in particular the bars and restaurants which have been more or less empty for the past two weeks, but few bar owners believe that there is enough time left of the season to recuperate the losses incurred by the fire and having the road closed for so long.

The owner of the ES Grau restaurant claims that the closure of the road has cost him 40'000 euros and he is not expecting any help to compensate that.
For precautionary measures, the speed limit along the road has been reduced to 40 kilometres per hour by the Council of Majorca as engineers continue working in the area.

On Monday, they will begin installing new crash barriers, the fire melted the original ones.
And, drivers are being warned of the possibility of land slides and rock falls.

Donkeys home Nevertheless, hundreds of people just could not keep away from what was once a popular spot for hikers and nature lovers.
But now, it is just a moonscape and the smell of the fire continues to linger in the air.
And, while the area became Majorca's new tourist attraction, although sadly for the wrong reasons, a herd of 11 donkeys which managed to survive the fire, were finally allowed to return to their home.