Palma.— Palma's municipal transport department (EMT) announced this week that some 3.68 million people used their bus services compared to the 3.64 last year.

This is, according to the department, due to the services carrying passengers to and from the main tourist areas in the municipality (beaches and airport), although EMT's president Gabriel Vallejo pointed out that it is still too early to say that this 1.2% increase from last year is only due to tourists.

Despite the positive figures last month, overall the company is still losing passengers.
Package prices have gone up except for children, including an increase of 52% for the monthly unlimited travel ticket for pensioners and almost 32% for students.

During the first seven months of this year the company reported that 22'258.733 passengers used their buses, over half a million people less compared to the same period in 2012.

Vallejo added that despite early losses in the year (6%) EMT has been slowly recovering and last month they were down only 2.5%, expressing his belief that things will improve further from now on. “We hope to slow the loss of passengers until the end of the year,” Vallejo added denying that the losses are due to the increase in fares. “The buses which have lost the most passengers are the ones where the frequency of the services has not been reduced.”