AN autopsy has confirmed that the H1N1 swine flu virus was the direct cause of the death of Mabel Innocent, a 33-year-old Nigerian woman in Palma on 16th July after she was admitted to Son Llatzer hospital suffering from double pneumonia.

The regional Ministry for Health said yesterday that two separate analyses - one conducted in Palma at Son Dureta hospital and the other in Madrid at the Majadahonda Microbiology Laboratories - both concluded that there was no other condition which could have caused the death.

The Nigerian woman became the third person in Spain to die from swine flu. She had lived in Madrid but came to Majorca to visit a companion who had accommodation in Son Gotleu in Palma. On 10th July she went to the Escola Graduada health centre suffering from flu-like symptoms and was told to take paracetamol and seek further advice if her condition worsened.