Palma.—Summer is at it's peak and so is Magalluf - but this season, it appears that the security forces have a grip on the resort, in particular the infamous Punta Ballena which one Spanish television station recently described as “the most dangerous street in Spain.” Both the Local Police and the Guardia Civil have significantly increased their presence in the heart of the resort and, according to the security forces, this has led to a “considerable” drop in the number of incidents.

The local council has also ordered that Punta Ballena be closed to all non-residential traffic and that too has made a marked difference.
This recent measure has been welcomed by local businesses because it has reduced the number of conflictive incidents between drivers and revellers.

Patrols on the beat

Now, Calvia Local Police have a permanent eight strong patrol on the beat in Punta Ballena with a number of back up units standing by at all times.
The Guardia Civil has also increased their presence in the resort and are now carrying out four daily patrols, but they too are on stand by 24/7 should their services be needed in the event of a major incident.

In the early hours of yesterday morning, there were no major incidents but a series of minor ones which both the Local Police and the Guardia Civil responded too with the support of the medical service.

The first incident happened outside a nightclub. One of the doormen had escorted a drunken tourist off the premises only to be attacked once outside the club. A group of Spaniards witnessed the incident and alerted the Guardia Civil and the Local Police who were on the scene within minutes and quickly dealt with the situation.

Alcohol poisoning

Throughout the rest of the early hours, the police and emergency services had to handle at least a dozen cases of alcohol poisoning, panic attacks in busy clubs and an alleged sexual assault in one of the hotels.

In the end, the alleged victim did not want to press any charges because she could not remember what happened.
Another possible example of what the police have been complaining about - false claims of sexual assaults being made in a bid to claim on their holiday insurance.

The Local Police were also keeping an eye on the local petty criminals with a number being arrested for stealing mobile telephones from drunken holiday makers.