A British tourist was injured yesterday when a heavy branch fell from a pine tree, striking her as she strolled through the Punta Ballena area with her husband. The accident occurred at about 2.20pm, and the area was closed to traffic for several hours.
Local Police officers, Guardia Civil and an ambulance rushed to the scene.
The tourist, whose clothing was torn, sustained injuries to her back, hips and legs and was taken to a hospital in Palma after receiving first aid at the site of the accident. She and her husband, who are staying at a Magalluf hotel, are due to return home on Saturday.
The Local Police immediately cordoned off the area in case more branches fell. A spokesman said that this was done because there was danger to pedestrians and also to six establishments close to the scene of the accident. The firemen chopped up the fallen branch and then pruned the pine tree to prevent further accidents.
Once the firemen had completed their work and removed all the branches scattered in the road, the Local Police set about regulating traffic and allowing pedestrians to move freely in the area. Many residents expressed their concern at the accident.
The Guardia Civil of Palmanova has opened an investigation because a person was injured, and took statements from various eye witnesses.
AND in Escorca, a man aged about 39, whose identity and nationality have not been revealed, was rescued from the Torrent de Pareis after breaking a leg during an excursion with friends. The rescue operation was difficult and involved the use of a Guardia Civil helicopter, the rescue service reported. The fire brigade and medical services were also involved in the operation. The Torrent de Pareis, one of the most rugged areas of Majorca, is also one of the most dangerous places for ramblers who often go there unprepared.