Palma.— The majority of those who decided to leave the islands in 2012 moved to Catalonia, Andalusia, and Valencia.
Madrid and the Canary islands were also popular destinations.
Overall, 31'183 people left last year, with 21'863 of them moving to those communities.
The remaining moved abroad.
According to the report published by the Balearic Statistics Institute, those who choose to leave Spain for good and start a new life in a different country, went in their majority to Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Ecuador, France and Argentina.

The Institute confirmed this last information could not be 100% accurate since there were over 6'000 citizens(6'488) whose final destination is still uncertain and could not be confirmed by the time the report was published.

Despite these figures the number of immigrants arriving in the Balearics still surpassed those leaving.
In total, almost 40'000 people arrived in the region, contrasting with the over 31'183 which left.
The Institute also confirmed that the new arrivals were mostly citizens from other countries and not from other Spanish communities.
The migration balance remains positive by 8'353 people.