THE Pollensa town council have put forward a project to the Ministry of the Environment in order to redefine the use and management of “Puig de Santuïri”. The town council wishes to turn half of this land into a hunting dog training ground, confirmed the local councillor of the environment, Joan Comas.
If the project goes ahead, the area would also have a recreative zone, as well as a walking area which will lead up to the summit of the mountain.
There will also be a further walk around the perimetre of the hill, if the council plans get approved by the Ministry.
In terms of who would be responsible for managing this new area, the responsibility would lie with the town council jointly with any associations who wish to use the area, for example the Pollensa Hunting Society and any of the local hiking clubs. “There are any municipal clubs, such as the archery club, who are looking for a training area, they will have to talk with the relevant parties. Part of this area has been left to ruin. Changing it's use to carry out sporting activities could be realised by the exchange of maintenance work to the area by the different groups”, said the local councillor. In fact this project is so popular that it was awarded a prize for the best project within the Nature Awards Groups and Associations, a 2005 award from the Council of Majorca. The Pollensa town council has given the project a 3'000 euros grant to develop this project.