TODAY, the Railway Museum in Soller will be hosting a special exhibition of the designs of 20th century Catalan artist and sculptor Joan Miró on sailcloth combined with a photographic exhibition commemorating his life and work.

In the seventies, Majorca had become an important influence in the work of Miró and a decade later, a number of iconic designs were chosen personally by the artist to illustrate six sail cloth cuttings for the specific purpose of promoting Palma. Transferring the designs to the sailcloth was carried out by poster and cinematographic experts - the centre photo shows Tomàs Monserrat working on one of Mirós designs.

Miró worked on Majorca for nearly 30 years but the Island's first impressions had captivated the artist when he visited Soller as a child for summer holidays. On Saturday, the town is to officially name Miró as an “adoptive son.” A number of activities have been organised to celebrate the life of the painter and to pay tribute to his work. And so 26 years after the creation of the six sails onto which was painted the most representative icons of Mirós work, two of them are to be displayed at the railway station museum in Soller on a permanent basis. The sails were exhibited for the first time in Vienna in 1982 but had to undergo restoration after their discovery following years of storage in municipal warehouses. The opening of the exhibition has been timed to coincide with the presentation in the Port of Soller of a photographic exhibition entitled “Moments de Miró”. A sculpture is to be unveiled dedicated to the late Javier Mayol, former president of the Soller railway who was killed earlier this year in a road accident.

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