by Staff Reporter
A British couple were found dead in their home in Calle Salud, Terreno, and were named as Daniel Woolcock and Ana Minissalle.
According to police sources, it seems that the man battered his partner to death with a hammer and then hanged himself.
The bodies, in an advanced stage of decomposition, were found by National Police officers, after neighbours José Castilla and his wife Cecilia Chávez called them because of the smell coming from the next door flat.

Police forced entry and found the body of Woolcock hanging in a room. They continued their search when the neighbours said that a woman also lived there, and then found the body of Minissale.

The deaths are believed to have occurred several days ago.
The neighbours said that the couple often quarrelled, at least twice a week and in the early hours of the morning, usually over money. This version was partially corroborated by another neighbour, named as Joanne Peaay, who lives in the same building.

She said that she often heard Minissale shouting and demanding Woolcock leave the flat, where they had lived together for about four years.
She said that Woolcock was a DJ and Minissale earned a living cleaning boats in the port of Palma or caring for elderly people.
According to the owners of the flat, two Majorcans who live in Campanet, it was rented in Minissale's name.
Peaay also said that some of the arguments could have been caused by drug consumption, as apparently the couple grew marijuana in pots in their courtyard.

She added that she had noted the smell of decomposition on Monday but had attributed it to the dogs owned by another flat dweller.
Castilla explained that the last time he had heard the couple argue was six days ago.
He had thought that the smell was caused by a dead animal, calling the police when it became overpowering.
Another neighbour said that she had not noted the smell until yesterday, when a cousin who was visiting her mentioned it.
Castilla told reporters he had called the police at 1.15pm.
The bodies were removed at about 5pm, after the police, judge and coroner had completed their investigations.