THE Partido Popular (PP) and the Majorcan Nationalists (PSM) have agreed on a proposal, probably for the first time in this period of office: to award the Council of Majorca's Medal of Honour to tennis ace Rafael Nadal. It is the only proposal on which these parties have agreed. The different political groups all have their own list of names to propose.
The PP, for example, is proposing that one of those awarded the Medal this year should be the reputed doctor Bartomeu Cabrer, who was one of the first heads of the Accident and Emergency department at Son Dureta. Cabrer, who died some years ago, is the father of the current Balearic Minister for Public Works, Mabel Cabrer. Another of the political parties, the Majorcan Unionists (UM), has presented their proposals but don't want to make the names public before they have been approved. Others, such as the United Left-Greens alliance, have not put forward any names at all.