Palma.—The second worst forest fire of the year, which broke out at 10pm on Tuesday night, was officially declared extinguished at 5pm yesterday afternoon by the Balearic Nature Institute (IBANAT).

In total, 480 hectares of scrubland was destroyed by the fire, five percent of which was pine forest.
While the fire was under control on Wednesday night, at first light yesterday, two IBANAT brigades returned to the scene to continue dousing the embers until the fire was officially declared extinguished.

The lack of wind also helped yesterday's operation although, an IBANAT unit will remain on patrol in the area for the next few days to make sure no pockets flare up again. IBANAT reported yesterday that 242 hectares were torched in the municipality of Arta and 238 in Capdepera which has hit by forest fires for the three past consecutive years.

Last year's fire was the result of arson and one person was arrested and prosecuted.
Now the authorities are investigating the cause of this latest blaze which came just a couple of weeks after the worst fire in the history of Majorca hit the Andraitx area.

Sadly 272 hectares of the sa Duaia estate which is open to the public was v destroyed but the Llevant Natural Park escaped the flames.