EVERY Balearic citizen consumes approximately 10.72 kilogrammes of prepared food a year, higher than the national average, according to the study by the National Consumer Institute on “Consumer and Consumption trends in the 21st Century”.

The report reveals that Spaniards consume nearly 500 million kilos of prepared food per year, 10.07 kilos per person, with an average annual expenditure of 39.93 euros.

And it says that the Balearics is among the regions with the highest consumption per inhabitant, fourth in fact, behind Catalonia with 13.38 kilos; Madrid with 12.55 kilos; and La Rioja with 12.35 kilos.

Following the Balearics are: Aragon with 10.38 kilos; and Andalucia with 10.3 kilos.
Below the national average are Valencia (9.95 kilos per person); the Canary Islands (9.93); Castilla La Mancha (8.54); Extremadura (8.32); the Basque Country (8.23); Cantabria (8.28); Asturias (7.83); Murcia (7.75); and Castilla Leon (7.35); Navarra (6.89) and Galicia (6.37).

In general, the report indicates that the consumption of frozen and precooked food increased by 1.7 percent in 2006 and predicts that the demand will continue to increase during the next few years, as less and less time is being spent on shopping and cooking.

According to the report, pizza is the star turn, but stews, vegetables and foods with soya are on the rise.