THE National Weather Agency (Aemet) has kept The Balearic Islands on a high temperature Yellow Alert despite expectations yesterday that it could be lifted. Longer range forecasts however indicate that the heat is not going to abate significantly as southern Europe is gripped by the hottest heat wave since 2006.

Regional weather chief, Agusti Jansa said yesterday that the alert was deactivated in Minorca and the North of Majorca while today forecasts are that it will be lifted in the central and southern areas of the island if temperatures start to go down by one or two degrees.

Whilst the Balearics was one of several mainland regions of the country which was still on yellow alert yesterday, there were others where weather conditions are even hotter and Orange Alerts have been mounted, indicating a serious risk to vulnerable groups such as the elderly and very young, as well as to the environment in the form of forest fire. Areas on the mainland on Orange Alert yesterday included Helva, Cadiz, Jaen, Granada, Sevilla and Cordoba. Today's forecast in the Balearics however, is for a cloudy start with early morning banks of fog and mist. Night-time temperatures will remain the same or perhaps slightly lower but the day-time temperatures may even rise a little.