Palma.—Considering this is the hottest time of year, Water Resources Director Salvador Padrosa said, the reserves are at a very acceptable level, the third highest in a decade with Majorca at 55 percent of capacity and Minorca at 56 percent. The situation is apparently rather different in Ibiza where underground rivers are at just 44 percent of capacity, the third lowest level since 2001.

Padrosa nevertheless said that the region's water supply is guaranteed. He claimed the latest available data on reserves date from 31st July and show that they are similar to the same period in previous years. “As the year advances, we can expect more rainfall and the underground rivers and reservoirs start to fill of their own accord,” said Padrosa. But he gave reassurances that even now, there is no cause whatsoever for concern over reserves.

The Director said however that it was significant that water supplies in some parts of the Balearics had slid considerably since June. Although on Majorca levels had declined from 56 to 55 percent within the month, on Minorca they had sunk from 63 to 56 percent.

And strangely, on Ibiza where levels are lower than normal, they have in fact risen from June when they were at just 36 percent to 44 percent at the end of July.

So far as Palma's water supply is concerned, the two reservoirs of Gorg Blau and Cúber are at 30 and 40.3 percent of capacity respectively. The joint reserves of the two reservoirs is at 33.48 percent of capacity, around 4 cubic hectometres, while at the end of July last year they were at 61.35 percent, in the region of 7 cubic hectometres, as a result of a particularly wet summer season.