A total of 2'060 people of various nationalities have been on the tours of the Patios of Palma between June 5 and July 31 this year.
The Municipal Institute of Tourism (IMTUR) organised 228 tours, which is an increase of 33.16 percent in comparison to last year.
According to a spokesperson from Palma council, the period during which these architectural treasures in the old part of Palma could be visited was extended this year as an experiment. Normally visits are only allowed between June 5 and 18, coinciding with the Corpus Christi festival, but this year this has been extended by nearly a month and a half. IMTUR extended the time in response to demand, but kept the timetable of four visits per day from Monday to Sunday. The tours were offered in six different languages (Spanish, English, Catalan, German, French and Italian). IMTUR said that the number of tourists from the Spanish mainland taking the Patio tour “has almost doubled” this year.