THE Association of Small and Medium-sized businesses on Majorca (Pimeco), gave a warning yesterday about the “alarming” number of complaints it is receiving from its members about the fraudulent practices of groups operating with telephone numbers beginning with the digits 803, 806, 807 and 907. Pimeco highlighted the fact that these complaints have intensified on Majorca over the last few days.
The organisation explained that the swindle about which victims are up in arms, is that innocent people are receiving calls in which they are told that a parcel has arrived for them but that it has not been possible to deliver. The unaware are then told that in order to arrange to receive the parcel, they then have to call a specific telephone number beginning with one of these 3-digit numbers. Unsuspectingly, when they make the call, the victims are kept waiting on the line for a considerable period. Later, they become horrified by the amount they are billed for the call which never results in their receiving the “trick” package. Pimeco advises that those who have been “caught” in this way, make a legal complaint to the Director General of Consumer affairs so that an end can be put to this fraudulent practice, which, they say, is reaching alarming proportions.