THE Balearics are on “orange alert” because of the risk of downpours of torrential rain, possibly accompanied by violent storms.
This unstable weather situation will last until Friday.
The director of the Balearic Meteorological Centre, Agustin Jansa, explained that the violent rainstorms originate when cold air, at a great height, meets hot air at a lower height. Jansa, who said that the temperatures will continue as they are, added that the torrential rain (more than 30 litres of water per square metre in an hour) will be localised and that has no connection to the “gota fria” which is normally seen in the Autumn months. This situation will affect all the Balearic Islands, although Majorca will be island which is most affected.
These storms started last Saturday in Santa Maria, where 55 litres per square metre fell, and on Sunday Sa Cabaneta and Portol had 50 litres per square metre, and there was also torrential rain which affected the drains in Sa Cabaneta, one of the districts of Marratxi, which was the first to be affected by the violent downpour.