THE thousands of passengers who were affected by the breakdown of the automated luggage system on Saturday afternoon, took it with a certain stoicism.
This was especially so when they found out that the breakdown had been caused by the violent storm which had been raging over Palma airport.
One of the passengers, of British nationality, said, “we had to come without our cases, because otherwise the flight would not have been able to leave Palma. At times I was very nervous, but I have never seen the departure floor of the airport so deserted, because everybody was at the check in desks. “The airline told us that our luggage would be delivered to us in two or three days, which means that all the clothes which we packed, our warm winter clothing, we can't use. “I left Palma in summer clothing but when I landed in London I found that the weather here is very autumnal.” The British airlines which were affected had to impose all sorts of security measures in British airports to avoid the loss of the cases.