AROUND 30'000 Muslims resident in the Balearics will start the month of Ramadan on Thursday.
This is a religious celebration characterised by fasting from sunrise to sunset. However, during the night they are allowed to eat.
This is the main feature of the celebration of Ramadan by the Muslim community on the Balearics, which consists mainly of Moroccans, but also of citizens from Senegal, Nigeria, Guinea, Algiers, Pakistan, Turkey and Albania and Kosovo, as well as some Spaniards, including Majorcans, according to the President of the Balearic Islamic Centre, Yousef Jouihri.

According to Jouihri, Muslims on the islands will say the prayer “tarawih” every night during the 29 days of Ramadan, which this year will last until Friday October 12, in the 19 mosques which exist on the islands, of which 14 are on Majorca, three on Ibiza, one on Minorca and another on Formentera, each one headed by an imam.

Ramadan coincides with the start of the ninth month in the Arab calendar and Muslims know that, from the first crescent after the new moon they have to start their daily fasts. Exceptions to this are those who are ill, very old people, children under the age of puberty and anyone travelling.