STAFF REPORTER MAJORCA Day celebrations made a colourful spectacle in Palma yesterday, led by Council of Majorca President Francina Armengol. Majorcan bagpipe players and drummers accompanied traditional dancing prior to a procession to the Cathedral where a wreath was laid by local authorities on the tomb of Jaume II, the first crowned King of Majorca.

Returning to City Hall in Plaza court, dignitaries were treated to a gathering of giant folkloric figures representing 16 different cultural associations.

An open doors evening was held at the offices of the Council of Majorca from 8pm onwards and they will be open again today from 10am-2pm and then from 4-8pm. The public are free to walk around the historic interior and can expect to be entertained by groups of minstrels.

Majorca Day's official gold medal awards and the Jaume II prizes will be given at a ceremony tonight at the Teatro Principal near Plaça Weyler at 8.30pm.