The Calvia council will unveil plans at a press conference this morning to present a motion at a council meeting later this month calling for the reintroduction of our old style residence permits.
The move, which will be warmly welcomed by Calvia´s large non-Spanish European Union community, has been prompted by a wave of protests since a green certificate replaced our old style residence permits. The biggest complaint is that the green certificate is not valid identification because it doesn´t contain a photograph.
The Calvia council will put forward the motion, which is expected to be supported by opposition groups as well, and then take the issue to Brussels.
The motion is the brainchild of Calvia councillor and Bulletin columnist Angie Guerrero who has vowed to fight long and hard for the reintroduction of our old style residence cards which included a photograph and were valid identification.

This is probably the best official challenge against the green certificate since its introduction and clearly underlines the widespread opposition among Calvia´s foreign residents against the green certificate.

So far Madrid has always rejected complaints from the foreign community but with the Calvia Council, one of the biggest regional authorities in Majorca, rubber stamping the motion, it should at least make the European Union and the Spanish government sit up and listen.