THE Balearic University has welcomed 175 students who have come from other universities to study in the Balearics through exchange agreements.
As part of these same exchange agreements, the Balearic University has sent 309 students to other universities.
Of these 175 students who have come to the Balearics, 44 come from the rest of Spain, 103 from other countries within the European Union, 14 are from America and 7 have come as visitors. With regard to the students from other EU countries, most of them are German, with 40 students, followed by Italians with 22, and the French with 17, the rest being from other EU countries. The courses most in demand are Tourism, Spanish Philology, Economics and Business Studies, and Psychology.
Although all the foreign students highlighted the opportunity to learn Spanish as one of their motives, their reasons for studying at the Balearic University are very different. Gianni, a 24 year old Italian from Taranto, will study History of Art, “because I want to make a deep study of Spanish art, especially of the works of Picasso. I have already studied the History of Cinema, Theatre and Shows”. Antonio, a 23 year old from Portugal (Lisbon) said “I wanted to study on an island. Also I have family in Madrid and I love Spain. I want to do a course in Psychology here and go back to Lisbon for the thesis”.