Campos.— Municipal technicians on Campos town council are finalising the programme for demolishing the unfinished apartment complex at Ses Covetes. The work needs to be completed by 15th May as ruled last week by the Balearic High Court (TSJIB).

Planning Councillor Guillem Ginard confirmed yesterday that technicians are going through the fine print of the TSJIB sentence and will be asking the Court to clarify any points on which they require legal surety. Ginard added that whilst they are waiting for confirmation from the Court, technicians will meanwhile be getting on with the groundwork to have the 68 apartments at Ses Covetes demolished. He said that the council will at all times follow the guidelines issued by specialist technicians.

He said that it was just a few weeks ago when the ruling Partido Popular and the “Acció” party in Campos had agreed to maintain the categorisation of land on which Ses Covetes is built as urban, rather than rural according to bylaws dating back to 1991.

Now the council will have to comply with the schedule which has been set out by the TSJIB for the demolition of the apartments. The council will have to register the project by 15th January, put a bid out to tender and get the works started by 15th March and to get them completed by 15th May. The town council has said however, that it will have difficulty sticking to the timetable.