LOCAL police in Palma have fined 767 drivers for speeding over the last two weeks, stepping up a campaign through the streets of the capital which was started on the 14th of this month. Jose Ramon Orta, Civil Safety director confirmed that in total, the Local Police have checked on 38'326 vehicles during this period of time when 103 check-point controls were carried out. Of the 767 fines imposed, only 177 were notified on the spot, so that the majority of those who have infringed the law are going to be getting a demand through the post over the next few days. Orta declared that he was, in fact, quite pleased with the figures because in the closing period of the campaign, the number of fines imposed had evened out considerably compared with its first three days when 212 fines were imposed on motorists. The director also said that the controls have “raised awareness amongst drivers about focussing carefully on their speed in sections of the city where limits are imposed”. He added that it is hoped the effect of the campaign will have long-lasting effects. Fines for speeding are imposed according to the excess over the limit. In extreme cases, a driver can have his license removed. Orta went on to say that over the coming weeks, there will probably be a new campaign of breathalyser controls launched in Palma to make people aware how important it is not to drink over the permitted limit when driving. The drive to make car owners responsible in this regard will kick off at the beginning of the Christmas holidays. These two crusades against speeding and alcohol consumption follow on from two other Local Police projects which have fined people for using mobile telephones whilst driving and for not wearing safety belts.