STAFF REPORTER THE town council in Pollensa has decided to withdraw the contract it had awarded for planning the pedestrianisation of the seafront, independent political party “Altnerativa” confirmed yesterday, apparently because technicians had found the project to contain too many “flaws and inconsistencies.” Paperwork is now in progress to withdraw the commission from the company which had mapped out plans to eliminate traffic from the seafront, and the Council has anulled the payment of almost 19'000 euros which was to be made to the firm's owner, a relative of a group which had lobbied for the pedestrianisation programme. “Alternativa” spokesman Pepe Garcia said: “For months, different council factions, tourist business and residents' associations were finding fault with the blueprint of what had been termed “a sustainable transport” programme. The payment couldn't have been made anyway because there were insufficient municipal funds,” Alternativa claimed.

Garcia said that two opportunities to secure financing had been wasted as a result of the Council's incompetence in settling the seafront issue.
Technicians who had looked at the company's plans said that they were “too vague” and that designers had made assumptions based on “out-of-date” material.

The technicians said that there was also no evidence that were the pedestrianisation programme to have gone ahead, that the traffic and tourist business problems of Pollensa were going to be solved as a result.