PEOPLE living in the west Majorcan town of Andratx worried that mobile phone antennae can have a negative impact on health will be pleased to hear that the town council is adjusting local by-laws to allow for the removal of all antennae in the district which are located in residential areas.

The measure was approved as an emergency item in a special plenary session where it was agreed that no new licenses will be granted for the erection of more mobile phone antennae for the period of a year. During this time, the town council will draft fresh regulations which will only permit the siting of such antennae in rural areas, that is - away from the urban population. The mayor of Andratx, Francesc Femenias, yesterday defended the urgent way in which the matter had been handled. “The issue of mobile phone antennae and their alleged negative impact on human health is an issue that deeply concerns many people,” he said. Meanwhile, mayor's deputy and Citizen Security councillor Isabel Alemany pointed out that three antenna licences have already been applied for and that the only way to calm people's fears is to take urgent measures to keep such installations away from residential areas.” The proposal to site such antennae in zones such as Andratx has met with heated resistance. The decision was approved by the ruling government team on the council and will be put into operation by municipal legal and technical services.