THIS year has been an excellent year for hotels in Can Picafort.
The bookings have exceeded the past year, said the President of the Hoteliers Association, Sebastian Moranta. “The German market has recovered with regard to reservations but not with regard to profits”. The reduction in profits is widespread. Hoteliers have had to reduce their prices to improve bookings, with more and more going “all-inclusive”.
This is beginning to worry everyone, more so the small businesses which have seen their takings decimated.
On the other hand, for the hotels which cater for British guests, the situation has been much worse with a drop in reservations, said Sebastian Moranta who, as well as being the President of the Hoteliers Association, owns one of the hotels which caters for British guests. In common with the rest of the north of Majorca, the tourist season started late in Can Picafort (almost into the month of June) and was rather poor although average bookings were up in the summer and also in October so the overall results hadn't been bad. One of the phenomenons which worries Can Picafort the most is the spread of “all-inclusive” deals, which more and more hotels are having to resort to in order to increase the number of reservations which have fallen in the last few years. Hoteliers and businesses are advocating an improvement in quality and purchasing power for tourists and, to this end, want a golf course built in Son Real.