BALEARIC President, Francesc Antich, last night announced that, after days of being locked in meetings with his coalition member parties, an agreement has apparently been reached to end the infighting, which nearly brought the government to its knees, and move forward.

Antich said that a new code of conduct has been drawn up which clearly stipulates how Ministers and MPs must act if implicated in any alleged corruption scandals.

He said that all coalition parties have agreed to be more transparent and have given the green light for a new internal office to be created to monitor events and ensure there are no further conflicts of interest.

Ministers will also be obliged to register their fortunes, incomes, financial and business interests with the new office.
Antich said that all the coalition members agree that “political unity and social cohesion” is vitally important right now and that the primary objective is to lift the region out of the recession as early as possible in the New Year.

With regards to the problems on Palma Council Antich said that Mayor Aina Calvo has necessary authority to resolve them.