THE Balearic government has set up a website survey to get citizen feedback and opinions on government policy and projects during the first three years of its present term of office, Fernando Monar, Quality of Service Director said yesterday.

By accessing http:/, residents in the Balearics can let the government know what they think of programmes that have been undertaken in matters such as Immigration, Youth and Equality, amongst others. For convenience, the website will provide a list of key government projects, confirmed Monar.

The Balearic government, the Director explained, is continuing to establish a two-way dialogue with the public on the internet. It is not the first move of its kind, however, as a Facebook link and a “Citizens' Lobby” site are already in existence.

He said that “” will act as a solid platform for debate in which the government aims to glean a broad spectrum of public views and commentaries.

On the website, the public are asked a series of questions which will provide feedback on just how much the regional population knows about what the present government has done (and is doing). The survey will attempt to establish which government services have been made most use of, which of them are considered priorities, and what views the public have of the level of quality of such services.

The questionnaire will apparently take progressive steps so that the site visitor can address issues that he or she may have been unaware about when first logging on.

There will also be more open questions so that members of the public can leave their own commentaries unprompted.


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