by Joan Collins
THE Council of Majorca and the Spanish Small and Medium Sized Business Association (Pimeco) yesterday launched their campaign Bonissim.
This will run during Christmas in all the markets in Palma and in many of the businesses belonging to the Association.
The objective of the campaign is to promote original products and, at the same time, to promote an improvement in the production network and to create wealth for Majorca. The Council's head of the Economy and Tax department, Miquel Flaquer, presented the campaign in the Olivar Market yesterday.
With him were President of the Permanent Market Federation of Majorca, Josep Bonnin; the President of Pimeco, Pere Ferrer; and the secretary of the Farmers Union of Majorca, Gabriel Torrens. They all highlighted the quality of Majorcan food and agriculture products and the necessity of making the residents of the island aware of the importance of buying local produce. The campaign consists of putting up advertising posters with the slogan “For Christmas, produce of Majorca. Bonissim”.
There will also be free tastings in various markets. These measures were put into effect yesterday at the launch. The campaign will continue until January 7. Flaquer called on the residents of Majorca to give local products a chance as, he said, “they often consider that the produce of other places is better but a lot of the time this is not so”. He highlighted the most sought after products as oils, wine and liqueurs, sobrasada and other sausages, as well as organic produce.
With regard to this he said that the Council of Majorca will support the creation of a single Denominacion de Origen for wine produced on Majorca, a measure which he considered would be very positive if it is adopted because it will make it easier to market the island's wines. In his turn, the President of Pimeco, Pere Ferrer, highlighted the role of the small business as a link between the food and agriculture producers and the consumer. He assured those present that the 4'000 businesses in his association supported totally the Bonissim campaign, especially the ones dealing in food products.