PLANS for the Three Kings parade to be held in Palma on 5th January next year were presented yesterday by Citizen Participation Councillor, Eberhard Grosske.

Grosske said that a major change will be the start of the spectacle which has been put forward to 6pm. Onlookers he said, will have time to line the route of the parade which was changed last year to accommodate more audience and provide greater viewing capacity.

Grosske said that the parade is attended by the widest cross section of society of any event in the city and that it therefore deserves careful planning to allow as many people as possible to enjoy it.

There will be points along the route which will be set aside for those who are disabled or children who are suffering from diseases such as cancer or cystic fibrosis, and for heavily pregnant women. Grosske also confirmed there will be four tonnes of sweets thrown into the crowds from the floats in the parade. The sweets will be appropriate for those with diabetes.

Each King this year will pass along the parade route in his own float accompanied by pages and an entourage of 40 people dancing and singing. An extra 250 people will be taking part in the spectacle next year.

Children will be able to give their gift lists directly to the Kings by means of special postmen assigned to collect them.