Palma.—A new ‘triple-alliance’ of hugely talented artistes has been unveiled by Globo Balear Entertainment to direct and manage their hugely successful Pirates Adventure and Pirates Unloaded shows for the coming season.
Elizabeth Zieba, Carl Ganley and Nikolay Nikolov have taken over the creative reigns of these iconic shows and are looking forward to working with the super-talented and enthusiastic cast of Pirates circa 2014.
 The artistic manageress  Elizabeth Zieba has been with the Pirates company for 18 years, starting as a performer in the show then moving onto costume design.

Then in 2006 Elizabeth retired as a dancer to focus her energy on assisting in the overall production of the shows; something that she has achieved by years of experience, a sharp eye and more than a little grace. Elizabeth will be joined in this new creative team by experienced and well-respected Pirates performers Carl Ganley and Nikolay Nikolov.
  The newly appointed artistic co-coordinator Carl Ganley represented Great Britain in sports Acrobatic Gymnastics, gaining two world bronze models and several British National titles.