By Jason Moore

IN our campaign for more Winter flights to Majorca  we are lucky that many of Britain´s top travel bosses have homes on the island and have first hand experience of how difficult it is to get to Majorca in the Winter period. Infact, Willie Walsh the Chief Executive of the International Airline´s Group, owners of Iberia and British Airways, told me that he was forced to sell his home on the island because of the shortage of flights! But he did concede that Majorca was a great place to own a holiday home. Now, so far we have hundreds of Bulletin readers joining the campaign while the airlines say that they need support from the government. But the fact that hundreds of people both in Majorca and in Britain are supporting our campaigns shows two things;people feel very strongly about the issue and would come to the island in the Winter if there were the necessary flights. This in itself is a victory because it proves the doom merchants wrong and underlines the fact that the island can easily be a Winter holiday destination. It is a battle worth fighting. I don´t think that we can aspire to daily flights during the Winter from a large number of British airports but I think our short-term goal should be regular flights from major airports such as Manchester and Newcastle as well as one of the London airports. At the end of the day it is a question of demand and supply. If the airlines see that hundreds of people want to travel they just might change their minds.