By Francisco Cortez

Victor Hugo’s musical Les Miserables brought to life on stage by British theatrical producer Sir Cameron Mackintosh is now in Palma.

Palma.—Shows of the world’s longest-running musical, seen by over 65 million people in 42 countries and translated in to over 20 languages, start tomorrow 7 March at the Auditorium in Palma and run until 16 March.
The 100-plus members  of the Spanish show include over 50 actors, six of them children (see box right), 14 musicians, who will be performing live at every show, and around 40 technicians, engineers  and supporting staff.
They have been touring the country since October and are set to continue until at least  August when the last scheduled show in Barcelona is due to take place.
Promoters of the event spoke yesterday with the Bulletin and explained why the show is staying only nine days in Majorca.