Gamero:concerned over lack of Winter flights. | Jason Moore


By Jason Moore
Palma.—The President of the Majorcan Tourist Board, Eduardo Gamero, called for a meeting yesterday of the tourist industry and the local authorities to address  the urgent issue of a shortage of Winter flights to Britain.
Gamero said that the time had come for all sides to “put their heads together and put their cards on the table and reach a deal which could mean more low season flights.”
“The last thing we want at the moment in these difficult times is for airlines to lose money because they are operating non-profitable routes. But if we work together I am sure that we could reach a compromise,” said the President of the Majorcan Tourist Board.
“The lack of flights during the Winter months  is  a  big concern  for us. We would like to see a return of the Winter tourism of the 1980s when hotels were open and there were plenty of flights,” he said.