The decision by Calvia Council to call on the Balearic Government to introduce fresh regulations controlling all inclusive hotels received island wide support yesterday.

Palma.—At  Tuesday’s Calvia Council meeting the motion to press  the Ministry for Tourism on bringing in new regulations was tabled by the opposition Socialist Party and received unanimous cross party support.
And yesterday,  resort businesses across the island added their backing to the motion.
The Association for  Tourist Industry Traders and Businesses (ACOTUR) threw its whole hearted support behind the move claiming that is has been lobbying the government over introducing regulations and stricter controls of the all inclusive sector for years because of the “highly negative effect hotels which allow anything that goes” have on resort  businesses.
A spokesperson for ACOTUR said that they have submitted an application for similar steps to be taken to the various governments on numerous occasions, but nothing has happened. “We believe that the Ministry for Tourism neither has the courage nor the interest to  get involved,” ACOTUR said in a statement.
But, according to ACOTUR, the problems facing resort businesses  go further  than all inclusive hotels.