Doctor Javier Beut with one of the groups which has already carried out the courses at Son Espases Hospital in Palma.


Palma.—Doctor Javier Beut will today be giving a course on facial rejuvenation techniques  to a group of 22 Arab doctors at Son Espases Hospital in Palma.
The group of doctors have travelled especially to Palma for the course to learn about the non surgical methods used by Doctor Javier Beut.
The course has been organised by the Academia para la Formacion Educacional Continuada (Accademy for Continuing Professional  Education) and is directed by the prestigious plastic surgeon in collaboration with Son Espases Hospital and the Galderma Laboratory.

Dr. Beut explained that the main objective of the course, which involves a practical session of dissecting a face, is to show that “carrying out surgical infiltrations is not easy” and that even today, “any specialist can cause pain” so, in order to be realistic, “we recommend training.”