The suspect arriving in court yesterday morning. | ALEJANDRO SEPULVEDA


Palma.—The 53-year-old prime suspect in the murder of 22-year-old Rafel Gaspar Mirrales Vich at his flat in Campos, on Friday morning was yesterday ordered to be held on remand in  prison with  bail denied by the judge in Manacor.
The suspect, identified as Marcos Ferragut, worked as a butcher in a local supermarket and had only married his long time fiancé last year.
However, an addiction to cocaine, got him into serious debts with Vich, a budding film director who was obsessed with the world of cinema and famous people, who was recently threatening to go public with a video of them having sex unless he cleared the 12,000 euro debt he had run up with the 22-year-old.
According to Ferragut, when he was arrested at the scene, Vich had also threatened to kill his young wife if he failed to pay up.
However, he is now on remand waiting trial on a charge of homicide for what he claims was a crime of passion   -  to save his wife.