Deidre Kelly in Maglluf during her brief visit to appear at a pool party. photo:


The brief visit of  Deidre Kelly aka White Dee who featured in Channel 4’s controversial but hugely popular documentary series Benefit Street has provoked outrage in the British press and up set some local residents here in Majorca.

Palma.—The British newspapers were on to the story before she had even arrived on the island and subsequently covered her every move and still yesterday, with her back home in Birmingham, the dispute over her trip to Majorca continues.
According to some of the newspapers, she could now face an investigation into benefit claims as a result of the trip which she is adamant she did not pay for because she was invited to be the star guest at a pool party organised by the EastEnders pub.
The mother-of-two  - who is said to receive up to £10,000-a-year in handouts - has denied that she was drinking expensive cocktails claiming that  she was drinking lemonade instead during the trip.
She was however photographed drinking a bottle of champagne which she said was a gift.