Pinewood Studios are unlikely to build studios in Majorca after all.


The home of James Bond, Star Wars  and Superman has turned its back on Majorca due to the lack of judicial clarity over laws the studio executives considered important.

Palma.—Talks between the British studio and the Balearic authorities have been on going on since 2011.
During the World Travel Market in London last November, the President of the Balearics, Jose Ramon Bauza, held another round of talks with studio executives and even visited the studios.
However, it appears that negotiations have hit a brick wall with the studio worried about the lack of legal clarity over certain laws,” according to its chairman Ivan Dunleavy.
And now, a host of other European destinations have jumped in offering their services and  full cooperation.  The London-based Pinewood Studios, which  already has satellite studios in Toronto, Germany, the United States, Malaysia and the Dominican Republic, was, and still is, looking  to build a studio in the Mediterranean in which it could include a water tank.
On one of his visits to Majorca, Dunleavy told the Balearic Government that Pinewood was keen to cooperate with the local authorities “because in times of crisis, the film industry can create  a lot of jobs and generate a great deal of income.”