Bulletin editor Jason Moore, MEP Daniel Hannan , Peter Newey (Left), Geoffrey Kenyon and members of the audience at Wellies on Monday.


On Monday afternoon, Conservative member of the European Union for South East England, Daniel Hannan, addressed a group of expatriates at an event organised by the Majorca Daily Bulletin, the Conservative Party and Wellies in Puerto Portals.

HANNAN, who is on the campaign trail in Spain  and Portugal, gave his audience a very animated, and at times amusing, speech about why, those entitled to vote at the forthcoming European Elections on 25 May, should do so for two reasons.
Obviously, as far as Hannan, who has served three terms in Brussels,  is concerned, firstly they should vote for the Conservative Party which is looking to reform its relationship with the European Union after the next general election and secondly because, if  more British expatriates did vote at  European and Local elections in Spain, they would have a large voice and as a result, politicians would take the British community in Spain and its problems more seriously.  
In the audience were two former Chairmen of Conservatives Abroad Majorca, Peter Newey and Gay Niblett and another Conservative MEP, who has a home on the island but is not standing for reelection, Robert Sturdy.