Pub crawls in the spotlight. | ULTIMA HORA


Calvia—The Calvia Socialist Party, who are in opposition on the council, slammed plans yesterday to try and regulate pubs crawls in the resorts.
The ruling council brought in legislation earlier this year  to try and control this activity  but the socialists hit back claiming that the governing team were trying to legitimise an activity which involved excessive drinking.
The socialists want to see all pub crawls, in some cases operated by both bars and even travel companies, brought within the law with strict guidelines and controls. They are even calling for the police and tour firms to get involved. Pub crawls have always been a controversial issue in Calvia for many years and councils have tried to regulate them and in some cases, even banned them. “We all know that our resorts are for people on holiday who want to have a good time and enjoy themselves. But all this should be done within the realms of the law,” said a Calvia socialist spokesperson.