Palma.—The money to finish the construction works in Palma’s Convention Centre will be available in less than two weeks, Andreu Garau, president of the centre said yesterday.

Garau was upbeat about the government’s promise to come up with the necessary funds to complete a project that has caused so many headaches over the last year.

"This is not in the local council’s hands but I have been told the decision to unlock this process is imminent."

"The works will restart as soon as the funds are secured, and as far as I know credit is about to be arranged," Garau added.

"But until credit is completely secured we will not restart the construction work.

"We don’t want to have to stop them again."

Garau explained the government is set to sign a credit agreement for 36 million euros, which is believed to be enough to complete the work (estimated time to complete it has been set at 12 months).

Those funds will also be enough to pay Acciona their compensation fee for having to stop their work for 22 months, as well as some debts the Congress has incurred during the whole process.

If everything goes as planned Acciona should restart the works just after the Summer.

The construction company will need at least a month to restart the project.

When that time comes, Congress Centre management company has said they intend to put the Centre and the respective hotel up for public tender, although details about this future operation have not yet been revealed.