By Francisco Cortez

Cal Rajada.—The official opening ceremony of the 16 by 4 metres ceramic wall comprising 1,700 tiles was presided over by the artist himself, local authorities, private sponsors and attended by hundreds of curious local residents and visitors eager to see the work of Gustavo which took around six months to complete.

Local senior officials commented this week that the new ceramic wall gives an extra touch to the area and could potentially attract more visitors to the area.

Its vivid colours also give another touch to the local port.

The main aim is that the pier now becomes a local attraction.

In fact, Gustavo said he has already planned to expand it. "I have already thought about it and hopefully next winter I can expand it and represent the sea as well.

"I also would like to thank the sponsors who made this dream came true. This project did not cost a penny to any other entity.

"In an ideal world more artists will feel encouraged to display their work here and continue to make the pier a more beautiful place," he added.

Local Mayor Rafel Fernandez also took the opportunity to thank Gustavo for his "ongoing commitment and dedication to Cala Rajada.

"This week marks the beginning of a new era in which Gustavo’s name will grow in popularity in Majorca,"Fernandez added, explaining that the artist has already made a name for himself overseas, mainly in Germany.

"Private and public collaborations like this one are important and extremely beneficial to everyone," the Mayor added.